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Basically there are several terms such as hair transplant or surgical hair restoration. All terms are used to describe the surgical redistribution of hair from the donor site, where hair is not genetically susceptible to male hormones (DHT) and grows permanently, to the receding area. After re-implantation every redistributed hair will continue to grow for a lifetime on its new location since it sustains its genetic predisposition for resistance to the male hormones. This process describes the principle of hair transplant where permanent hair is simply relocated from a save to the balding area.

In most of the cases every patient experiencing hair loss sustains an individual horseshoe shaped donor fringe with permanently living hair. Due to genetic predisposition and susceptibility to male hormones a fluent and permanent damage of hair can be noticed around a certain area on the scalp. The usual process of hair loss follows a certain pattern, which regularly starts with a "receding hairline" followed by thinning and miniaturizing hair on the middle area and ending in a balding crown at the back of the scalp. Typical male hair loss shows a regular pattern of affected areas on the top of the scalp. Even women suffer from hair loss and often face a certain change on their hair status. The human body also has got a huge amount of different hair follicles which do not follow the typical process since they are resistant to male hormones and inherited balding. This hair can be found around the rest of the human body like the chest or the beard area.

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